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Sampling The City | Lunch at ‘The Node’




Ever had something catch your eye, you attempt to memorize it and get home and cannot for the life of you recall what it was you’d wanted to remember? Well, that’s where my obsession with this charming new watering hole began.

I’d always thought the best way to escape the fast paced city life was to venture off into the outskirts. Well, that was until I spied this simple oasis somewhere deep inside Nairobi! The Node sits charmingly across from the Jacaranda hotel (where the old ‘Pizza Garden’ was located) and I must say a big kudos to the design team because whenever I’d drive past it, my eyes would wander and fixate on the luring bright green sign. “The node, the node, the node…” I would chant to myself, trying to lodge the quaint little phrase into my mind, as I’m always up for trying new eating spots and this one was a MUST feature on my to-go list.

That said, I never did manage to remember the phrase, until I resolved to ditch my fading memory and just flat out take a picture of it one day! Clearly this worked out perfectly, as a week later, I finally sauntered into this Cali-style gem for a quick brunch!


Location: The Node, Westlands





I had grilled chicken, risotto and a glass of pineapple and mint juice…which I quickly demolished, as you can see… I have to be honest though, in as much as I loved the rest of my meal, I was a bit underwhelmed by the chicken as the outer layer was a bit tough to cut through. That said, there’s a wealth of options to choose from on their menu and I’m looking forward to teasing my taste buds with something different next time.


Lisa x


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